How to Easily Ship Cases to Great Smiles

Whether your dental office is located in Livermore, CA or Little Falls, AR getting your cases to Great Smiles,Inc is a breeze.Ā  With FREE local pick up and delivery or Two/Three Day FREE shipping to our Lab with FedEx, we have simplified shipping for you!

  • Complete and sign the RX form.
  • Place disinfected impression, bites and models in a resealable plastic bag. Staple the completed RX to the outside of the bag.
  • Place as many bags into one Fed Ex box as possible and seal the box completely.
  • Affix FedEx pre-printed air bill on the box. Call FedEx at (800)GO-FEDEX (800.463.3339) or schedule online.

Please contact Great Smiles,Inc, NOT FedEx, should you need more pre-printed air bills or boxes, so that you will not be charged. *Special services available but not covered by Great Smiles,Inc are Declared Value/Insurance, Saturday Delivery, 10:30AM or earlier delivery services.

Local offices, please call Great Smiles,Inc at 925.443.0400 to schedule a pick up or request more supplies.