Non-Metal Restorations

Depending on your patients’ personal needs and preferences, we offer you a range of choices of non-metal restorations. Pressed ceramics and Zirconia products are known for their long-term reliability as well as strength, precise fit and simple preparation. We also offer composites like belleGlass™, which is known for its superlatively good aesthetics and exceptional strength. Great Smiles carries many brands and options:

IPS Empress Esthetic®

Veneer/Crown (cut back technique)

IPS e. max™ (layered & cut-back)


IPS Zir Press™


Cosmo Post
Zirconium Post



Diagnostic Wax-Up

White Wax Single or Multiple Units
White and Pink Wax Full Arch or Full Mouth


Crown (Zirconia/Alumina)
Bridge or Full Contour Crown (Zirconia only)





belleGlass™ NG or Sinfony®

Inlay/Onlay (with/without Vectris®)
Crown/Bridge (with Vectris®)
Maryland Bridge (with Vectris®)

Concept HP


Full Metal

If your patient prefers the option of full metal dental restoration, we can provide you with several metal choices. Metals rarely chip or break, and are very long-lasting materials. For example, gold is very compatible with the human body, provides an exceptional fit, and wears well with natural teeth.

Full Metal

58% AU Type IV Noble
75% AU Type III Noble
77% AU Type II High Noble

Semi Precious
White High Noble
Yellow High Noble

Porcelain Fused to Metal

Perhaps you would like to provide your patients with the nearly natural appearance of porcelain fused to metal. This choice will provide patients with an option that is stronger than pure porcelain but with a more aesthetic presentation than full metal restorations. Using porcelain butt margins, you will have a hard time to differentiate it from a non-metal restoration. Porcelain fused to metal also provides the option of a metal chewing surface, which is gentlest on the opposing teeth.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

Base Alloy (Non Precious)
Semi Precious
High Noble White
High Noble Yellow
Maryland Bridge (Non Precious)


Dentures are an option for patients who have lost all of their natural teeth. You can help your patients eat, speak, and look better by providing them with dentures. For patients who need partials, we offer several options. If you choose Valplast, you can be confident of giving your patient a functional but flexible partial with no metal clasps that give away the beginning of the partial. Or, choose Lucitone for its impact and stain resistant qualities and clear or tissue-colored clasps. We also offer temporaries and orthodontics solutions. Please call to schedule your removable case.


Full Dentures
Regular reline
Soft reline


Smile Temp (with/without cast metal reinforcement)
Stay Plate (with/without cast metal reinforcement)

LVI Orthotics (Fixed or Removable)

Soft/Hard Night Guard


Cast metal
Val plast
Val plast (Unilateral or full arch)
Combo (Metal frame with Val plast clasp)
(Unilateral or full arch)
Lucitone FRS
Lucitone FRS Unilateral
Survey and Design
Premium plastic teeth / Porcelain teeth
Custom Tray
Bite Rims

Partial / Denture Repair

(We can use laser weld)

We guarantee workmanship from the ORIGINAL invoice date for five years on PFM and full-metal restorations, and two years for non-metal restorations (some conditions may apply). We offer free round trip shipping to and from the lab as well as complimentary daily local pick-up and delivery. We use FedEx shipping company. For your convenience, we accept business checks, Visa, and MasterCard. In some cases, we can offer an expedited lab service for an additional fee. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

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