Our Guarantees

At Great Smiles Dental Lab, we believe in being clear and specific about our promises and what you can expect from us. This page addresses our guarantees and what you can count on when dealing with us. Please feel free to call us at 800-505-5851 or contact us online if you have questions.

Our Turnaround Time Guarantee

With six different steps designed to ensure that your case ships on time, we’re confident enough to guarantee it. In the rare event anything should happen, we’ll notify you as soon as possible so you never face a patient without their restoration(s) in hand.

Details: Should last minute technical problems occur, we’ll call your emergency number or leave a message on your office answering system. Of course, once a case leaves Great Smiles Dental Lab and enters the FedEx system, any delays are beyond our control. Should we learn of any such shipping delays, you can count on us to notify you immediately.

Quality Workmanship Guarantee

Great Smiles Dental Lab proudly guarantees its workmanship with warrantees for five years from the ORIGINAL invoice date on PFM and full metal restorations, and two years from the ORIGINAL invoice date on non-metal restorations.


Our Quality Guarantee applies as long as your open account is in good standing and your balance is up to date.

Guarantee Covers

  • Fit and functionality. Restorations will fit to the working model and uncut model (if required) with adequate reduction in all aspects of the tooth.

When the Guarantee Does Not Apply

  • Standard frame try-in process is waived on 6 or more unit bridge work (metal or non-metal).
  • Reduction coping is fabricated for the tooth or teeth.
  • Tooth or teeth are re-prepped or modified.
  • Bonding-related remakes (when improper bonding or cementation techniques were used)
  • Restorations are cemented / bonded permanently.
  • Captek or Empress restorations are cemented temporarily.
  • Minimum or no-prep veneer cases.
  • Post and core are done at the same time with the crown.
  • Shade changes when they are different from the original shade requested.
  • Great Smiles questions a margin or impression and the doctor approves completion of the case.
  • Refund for completed and inserted work.
  • Cost incurred for removing and reinserting restoration.
  • This guarantee does not cover incidental damages, including inconvenience, lost wages, lost chair time, or pain and suffering for the doctor and/or patient.