Cosmetic Case Before and After Photos

The old adage, “One picture is worth a thousand words,” certainly applies to the quality craftsmanship Great Smiles Dental Lab produces in cosmetic dental restorations. These restorations range from crowns and single implants to full mouth reconstructions with the use of porcelain fused to metal or all ceramic restorations, all done by some of the finest dentists in the business using products we’ve carefully selected. We’re proud to be their partners and to showcase their work, which can all be seen in the stunning transformation photos below.

Here are some before and after photos of smiles we have created with our dentists’


Patient Number One had 27 Empress Crowns placed for cosmetic purposes. Tooth #25 was extracted. After opening his bite vertically by six millimeters, we widened teeth #23, 24, and 26 to achieve the more aesthetic appearance you see here.


Patient Number Two was also a cosmetic case. We closed the anterior black triangles and lightened the patients shade for a brighter smile. His appearance is more youthful after placing a combination of 10 Empress Veneers and 8 e.max Crowns.


Patient Number Three desired a perfect smile. His dream came true after his dentist placed 20 Empress Veneers. In this case we closed all black triangles, lightened the shade, and changed the smile design.


Patient Number Four also had 20 Empress veneers placed to close her diastemas and brighten her smile.

Patient Number Five wanted a subtle change to brighten her smile. Great Smiles fabricated 9 Empress Crowns and Veneers for her.

Patient Number Six wanted to change the entire design of her smile. Utilizing our Smile Design Guides, she and her dentist decided that 16 Empress Veneers would do the trick.