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Holiday Rush

Can you believe the Holidays are here! The Autumn colors are stunning and and we can't help but to look ahead to the Winter months. While we adore this time of year, there are a few things we don't love: 1. Late Shipments/Weather Delays. Our Fed Ex deliveries tend to be delayed during the Winter months and sometimes will not arrive by the guaranteed time. Please try to appoint your patients two days after the due date to avoid having to reschedule. 2. Unscheduled Rush Cases. While the pre-scheduling of Rush Cases is a must at Great Smiles, Inc. it is even more crucial during the Holiday Season. Many of our technicians will take time off to spend with their families, so some cases may not be accommodated without pre-planning. 3. Holiday Greeting Cards. Just kidding, we love those! As always we at Great Smiles appreciate your trust and our continued partnership. Please have...
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This Halloween, Trick or Treat for Cash

Giraffe with Dr. Chris(1) Rocking on Stage with Derby Girls(1) Puppy writes letter to troops HCBB12(1)

Our very favorite Rock n Roll Dentist, Dr. Chris Kammer, DDS, always amazes us with his efforts in Oral Systemic Health (and his resume; founding father, past-president, and current board member of AAOSH, founding member of AACD, Masters of Progressive Dentistry lecturer, Gums of Steel Hygiene Transformation Program presenter, American Idol contestant, dental journalist for USA Today and Reader's Digest, we could go on...).Dr. Kammer also founded the national Halloween Candy Buyback™ program. Each Fall, Dr. Kammer offers to buy children's Halloween candy for $1.00 per pound. The children get a free toothbrush and healthy xylitol treats in addition to their cash. The candy that he...

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